Scheiegger Typomatic TMS Typewriter

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Scheidegger Light Blue Typewriter

Why Buy this Typewriter?
. Excellent Performance
· Professionally Serviced
· Clear Typeface
· Deeply cleaned
. unusual light blue Colour

Light Blue with off white keys.

plastic & Metal

Very good Cosmetic Condition.
Professionally Dismantled and Cleaned for a perfect mechanism.
Minor Scratches on the edges and back
Minor Yellowing on Edges.
Appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation.

Like all our typewriters, it was professionally serviced for a perfect typing experience.
Overall, its literally smooth.
Made for Heavy Typing.

Original Case.
Minor usage signs otherwise, Excellent.

New Black and Red Ribbon fitted for direct usage.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard with Elite typeface that is 12 points per the inch

Thank you