Where to buy a typewriter in Singapore?

Since 2016, we have supplied more than 200 typewriters to All areas in Singapore. 

At Mr & Mrs Vintage typewriters, we have a direct relation with with reputed typewriter collectors and individuals that trust us to deliver the most beautifully restored typewriters, in 2-3 working days, and safely to our beloved Singapore.

Hermes 3000 typewriter

Rare Williams model 1 typewriter 

Unfortunately, you can find locally typewriters but these are only imported from Europe & the United States and re-sold for Much more after a small clean and wont be up to the standards to type on for years and it wont be as deeply cleaned as our fully restored typewriters. 

A Kind friend now and unique typewriters collector bought from us more than 30 typewriters and we have been able to prepare many of his extra special requests. One of the most important projects prepare for him was the Rare Georgian Typewriter that we fully restored for him and we prepared a special article about it. Click here to Read it.

rare Georgian typewriter restoration to Singapore.

in the last year, More than 20 Smith Corona typewriters have been restored and safely delivered to Singaporean Clients that asked us for this lovely folding typewriter and we delivered many of them to clients that have limited space to put a typewriter as it is tiny and will fit on any desk. 

Corona folding typewriter restoration

Finally, If you are in Singapore, and you want a special typewriter or like one from our already restored typewriters on the website, please feel free to purchase or contact us  so we prepare a perfect typewriter that suits your needs and taste in these vintage typewriters. 

Important note, Delivery is in 2-5 working days by far to your door step. 

Thank you 


Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters. 



Walid Saad

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