"Hebrew" Hermes Baby Typewriter with Like New platen

R 31,880.00 R 40,574.00

Excellent example & in like new condition. 

Was extremely well preserved and even the platen was measured at 95.5 Shore A or Durometer which is nearly new. 

Free Shipping Worldwide Included

Will be supplied with new Typewriter pad and 3 sets of Ribbons (Worth total of £45)

Mechanical condition:

Professionally checked and adjusted to perfect working order.

Smooth and ready to type for long hours. 

New & fresh Black Ribbon Fitted. 

Cosmetic condition:

Like all our typewriters, it was genuinely restored & serviced.

The frame is in excellent condition with minimum age signs and marks and from the inside it is like new. 

All nice chrome and minimum marks on the frame. 

Back panel has slight difference in colour. 

Comes with original lid in like new condition. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

HEBREW Keyboard 

Typeface size is 10pts/Inch

Clear prints.