3 Typewriter Ribbons for Silver Reed, Silverette, Hermes & Brother Typewriters - Group 9 (GR9)

R 302.00 R 348.00
For our Beloved Clients,
Separately or while buying a new Machine
3 fresh Typewriter Ribbons .. for 12.99£ ( 3 for the Price of 2)
You can Add to your Cart while paying for your machine
Excellent Condition and all fresh. We use them on our own Typewriters. 
These Are Called
GR9 or GROUP 9 
If you are not sure what Ribbon type does your Typewriter needs, we are an email away & we will be more than happy to assist. ( will need Typewriter Model and a picture of the area where the Spools fit. 
This Ribbon spool Will Fit the Following Typewriters: 

Silver Reed Silverette    

Silver Reed Silverette II

Silver Reed 180 Deluxe 

Silver Reed SR10

Silver Reed SR100          

Silver Reed SR150

Silver Reed SR200          

Silver Reed SR500

Silver Reed SR2500        

Silver Reed SR2500SL

Silver Reed SR2600        

        Silver Reed SP8700                       

Brother 210

Brother 240T

Brother 260

Brother 500

Brother 660

Brother 750TR

Brother 1613

Hermes 8

Hermes 200

Hermes Ambassador

Imperial Safari

Imperial Portable 202

Olivetti Underwood 19

Silver Reed Portable (Manual)

Silver Reed 70

Silver Reed SR12

Silver Reed SR180

Silver Reed SR2200CR

Silver Reed SR2600CR

Brother 220       Brother 240

Brother 250       Brother 250TR

Brother 262TR   Brother 440ER

Brother 600       Brother 650

Brother 662       Brother 700

Brother 762       Brother 1500

Brother 2000     Brother 3060

Brother Electric M4612

Burroughs B9253           

Hermes 9           Hermes 10

Hermes 605       Hermes 2000

Hermes Baby Portable   Hermes 3000 Portable  

Imperial Portable 200    Imperial Portable 201

Imperial Portable 203    Imperial Portable 230



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