4 New rubber feet for Hermes 3000 Typewriter - Great Grip & Top Quality.

R 722.00


New feet for Hermes 3000 & Hermes Media Curved frames. 

We dedicated 6 month to perfect the product for our own typewriters and listed feet now are the best when it comes to Grip, quality of material that will hold the typewriter perfectly. 

You will get: 

• 4 new feet for your typewriter (White)

Can be used with Hermes 3000 and Hermes Media with Curved frames. 

Easy to fit in less than one minute. 

 Doesnt include metal cover and washers or the screws. 

They add Value to your Typewriter as they are a new Set and with years to come.

No Typewriter or Its Case are included. 

Thank you