Rare Rest Key for the Corona 3 Folding typewriter.

R 10,231.00

This is the Rare to find Corona "Rest Key" accessory from the pre 1919 and exactly 1915.

Touch typist found the early Corona 3's uncomfortable to type and irritated the right pink, so The  Corona typewriter company  designed this non functional 'Rest' key to address the issue. 

It was fitted on the right side corner of the typewriter keys and mainly only fit the pre 1919 models made by Corona. 

Will not fit any of the later models are edges have been wider. 

You will get one of the pictured keys. 

both are in ok condition and we decided to keep in original condition. 

Both have age and usage marks.

This is not easy to find and getting harder to locate them as unfortunately it seems that many have been thrown away as they looked useless for the typewriter functioning.