Typewriter Platen Recovery service

The Typewriter platen is the black Roller inside the Typewriter carriage where the metal key heads hit the paper to print the Characters. 

These platens are made of a rubber layer that should be able to absorb the strikes of the Metal keys without damaging them and making sure that prints are clear. 

As years pass by, the rubber on these platens cracks, melts, or hardens causing a louder than usual sound, gradually damages the metal key heads, and occasionally tears the paper. 

For these reasons and due to the fact that we do aim for the best finish on any restoration project, we decided to start a new line of Platen Rubber Recovery, in other words, we able to help our clients in the UK and worldwide to re-coat their Platens with a new Layer that will be supplied using the highest of standards similar to selected typewriters from our collection. 


Note: Kindly note that many typewriter repairmen tend to cover the roller with heat shrink tubes that will work fine but not for a long time, and we do use this technique for low budget restoration and as a good replacement for fully and professionally recovered platen with a full and new rubber layer. 

typewriter platen recovery service with new rubber layer

Cost: Depending on the Thickness and width, price will vary from machine to another and it will be starting 120£ up to 170 £ for Each platen depending on size and thickness. 

Prices does not include removing or fitting the platen back or shipping it back to the customer. 

Customers who wish to service/restore their typewriters at our store, they can benefit from a better discount as it would be part of the restoration/repair process.

 Multiple platens will benefit from a discount depending on Quantity. 

Shipping (Within the UK):  9.99£ using Express Delivery

Shipping Worldwide (5-7 Working Days): 14.99£ or Express 2 Days Delivery available upon request. 

Important Note: Platen related work is not related to our fully booked restoration jobs.

 platen recovery service in the uk


We are able to recover nearly all Manual typewriters models and specially the following: 

Olympia SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM7, SM8, SM9 and Monica. 

Olympia SF, Olympia Splendid 33, 66, and 99

Hermes 3000, Hermes 2000 and Hermes media

All pre war Royal portables like the , Royal 10, Royal P and Royal O

All Pre war Underwood typewriters like Underwood 3 Bank and Underwood 4 Bank, 

All Corona fordable typewriters and Smith Corona typewriters. 

Time: Recovery needs 3-4 weeks after receiving the Platen from you. We always keep you posted on the work done. 

Finally, if you feel like your typewriter needs a new platen, please contact us to give a quote for the job. 

Thank you