1919 Vintage Oliver Number 9 Green Typewriter Bat-wing

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Oliver No 9 Typewriter

Bat Wing 



Item Was collected from an elegant Area in Buckinghamshire  and item belonged to a Late RAF  Hero who had this typewriter in his Home Office since early 50s serving as a Display while he used a Royal P Typewriter for his Typing.

Item was in bad condition but we decided to make it a long term project to get the best result.

Serail is 791XXX from the 1919 Issued of the Oliver 9 Typewriters. 



Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Newly Painted
  • New Decals
  • Perfect working Order
  •  a Perfect Display Item in an office or Living Room

. Rare to find it in such a good condition



 We did paint it in Army Green Colour while the Carriage paper plate is still in the Original Darker Dark Green colour. 

Decals are Done in golden Colour


 Newly Serviced and Painted Typewriter 

Item has Paint imperfections and Paint Cracks on the paint due to the old metal surface of this Oliver. 

Keys are complete and clean with age signs on the sides and some keys have erased black marking on them

Chrome is still in its original condition and we kept its vintage look. 

NEW Decals added to the front and middle plate as old ones were scratches and fading. 

There is a difference in colour between the newly painted part and the original colour that is only found now on the carriage paper plate on top. (Pictured from top for a better preview on the last picture)



 The Oliver 9 is with a Removable Carriage and that helped us make sure we tune and service the item to a perfect working order. 

The Machine will nicely type.

Platen is in very good condition with also excellent paper feeders and rollers.

line Spacing is working as it should with a nice dinging bell at the end of your margins. 

Margins are set under your Carriage. 

Keys smoothly strike leaving a clear print on the paper. 

Minor misalignment on the Caps seen on the test page. 

Kind note that this item will type and amazingly in a nice way but it is a collectable more than it is for daily usage. 

Newly Tuned Return Belt and Smoothly Moving Carriage on Each Space or Stroked Key.  

Back Space... TAB, All works. 



New Black Ribbon Spooled on Original Oliver Wooden Bits and placed under the Caps that are rare to find. 


Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

PICA typeface.

QWERTY keyboard

3 Bank Typewriter. 


Thank you