Copper plated Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter (Rose Gold Colour)

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Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter

Professionally Copper plated  leaving a Special Rose Gold Colour.

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  •  Excellent Performance
  • Professionally Serviced 
  • Clear Typeface
  • Deeply cleaned
  • Nothing like this Typewriter in the Market
  • Excellent Case. 


    Copper plated - We are the only Shop that does this proper finish World Wide.

    only the Shield under the platen (Black Roller) is Sprayed with Black Colour. 




     Professionally Dismantled and Cleaned

    Excellent Copper plating .

    Minor Imperfection will appear around the Screws inside the Frame. pictured.

    Minor Imperfection of plating on the back due to the Rows. 

    this typewriter will need special care and polishing to keep it shining as its plated with Copper. you will get set of instructions on how to do that. 

    Appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation. 


     Like all our typewriters, it was professionally serviced for a perfect typing experience. 

    We pride ourselves to deliver the best Lettera 32 Typewriters in the Market. 

    Overall, its literally smooth. 


     Perfect case.


     New Black and Red Ribbon fitted for direct usage. 

    Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

    QWERTY Keyboard with Elite typeface that is 12 points per the inch

    Thank you