Imperial Good Companion Model 1 typewriter

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The Earliest Version of the Imperial Good Companion Model 1 from 1936

Serial is AM XXX from Early Versions of Good Companions that had no King George Embalm and a couple of different features.  

This Typewriter was totally transformed from an old abandoned typewriter to a real Beauty. Belonged to Journalist who used it after the WWII for 20 years in his domain. 

 This version is known to be dull and less glossy than later model. 

plus the decal is golden and not coloured. 
Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Professionally Serviced
  • Elite Typeface (12 pts per inch)
  • Uncommon Early version that had Dark key slugs. 

Glossy Black
Clean and in very good Cosmetic condition.

it arrived in rough condition and we did our best to revive. 

Its an early version and less glossy than later models. 

Age signs on the key rings. 
Like all our Typewriters, It is perfectly checked and serviced for a perfect typing experience.

Key types Segment completely flushed of dirt and grease after taking out all the keys and individually cleaning. This helps the keys to be smoother than any other machine you ever typed on. 

Excellent Bell at the end of each line. 

Original lid and base. 

Age signs all over on the inside and outside. 

handle is worn and not replaced. 

New Black and Red Ribbon will be Fitted on Original Good Companion Spools.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Elite Typeface ( 12 pts per inch)
QWERTY Keyboard
Clear Typeface

Thank you