Hermes 2000 Typewriter

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Hermes  2000 Typewriter - One Excellent Example. 

Mechanically Immaculate Version & Excellent cosmetic condition.  

We have always insisted that Hermes 3000 ( 2000 as well) , Hermes Media 3 and Even the Baby Hermes are Smoothest typewriters to Type on due to the fact they have a rare and special dynamic in their Keys making it Excellent for long hours of Typing with no Pressure on the Fingers. 

We pride our selves of being one of the few Typewriter experts who can manage working with this Delicate Machine. 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  1. Deeply Cleaned 
  2. Professional Restoration 
  3. Mechanically perfect 
  4. Clear Typeface 

Military Green
 Excellent  Condition with a scratch on left side of the lid that is common on this model. 
Deeply cleaned in every single aspect.

Minor usage signs on the corners. 
Will appreciate taking a look at all pictures.  
Like all our Typewriters, It was perfectly Restored.
Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing on the Smoothest Typewriters to Type on ever. 
Fully tested for a Perfect Typing Experience and for long hours of Smooth Operation. 
Original lid & base that is in Very good condition. 
Minor Scratches & age signs  all around that we can do nothing about. 
Normally Clips  & handle is in excellent condition  
Typewriter can be easily taken of the Base. 
New Black  & Red Ribbon Fitted.
 Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
 PICA typeface  - Clear Prints
10 pts /Inch 
 Buy With Confidence. 
 Thank you