"Italic" typeface Corona 3 Folding Typewriter

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Uncommon Italic Typeface on Corona 3 Folding typewriters. We believe its a one in a million find as they are always Elite or PICA typeface. 

Serial 520XXX from 1922.

History of this typewriter:

Had one owner since new and it was passed to us to be restored and send to a new appreciating home. Was mainly used for typing letters to family and friends around the world. 

Mechanical condition:

Professionally restored to working order. suitable for occasional typing due to age. 

New & fresh Black/Red Ribbon Fitted. types normally on both

Minor misalignment due to age and usage with the rare Large  italic typeface. 

Cosmetic condition:

There are marks and minor scratches on the main frame specially on left side corner. we kept as us without any touch paint at this part. 

 Scratches on the coroners are due to folding mechanism. 

Proper polish of the black frame

excellent decals. 

Comes with original case. had age signs on it due to age and usage. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Rare and Extremely uncommon italic Typeface on a Corona 3 typewriter. 

10 pts per the inch.