Military Olympia SM Typewriter with Original panzerkoffer Carrying Case

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Olympia was Well known for a Military typewriter known as the Robust Typewriter that was in the Pre WW2 Era. 

The Robust typewriter is still found and sold around the world as it is a nice collectable typewriter. 

in our hands here we have another and more interesting version of Military typewriters. Its a SM Olympia with fully camouflaged by making sure all shiny chrome parts on it are replaced by Black Metal. 

We have never seen anything close to it as you might see a Similar Case but not the Same Keys, Types slugs. 

Line spacing lever, the Paper Holder, and many other parts are all black.

around the knobs, its all military green colour, blending with the main frame. 

This typewriter comes with its original panzerkoffer Military carrying case that hold its steady. This Case is in Mint condition considering age and usage purpose. 

Carrying case is Solid and the inner space is well packed, compact and securing the Typewriter for all kinds of outer condition. for example, the Case is sealed with a rubber line securing edges so that it is Water proof. 

On the other hand, This typewriter continuous to define the word " Special" as it has two uncommon Features staring with the "Mil" Key/Character or Symbol  ( some Say "MILL") and second unusual feature is the Upside down Key slugs that makes typing with CAPs is the first option and Shift key will allow you to use the Lower case letters. 

Mil Key was used for Telegraphs and specifically to copy Radio Messages. 

Finally, the overall current condition of the Typewriter. it is just in Super clean condition and fully serviced for a perfect typing experience. 

This Typewriter Custom Prepared to a Dear Client.

Thank you