Smith Corona Classic 12 Typewriter

We have run out of stock for this item.

Amazing Condition. Dont miss on this one as it arrived to us carefully used and previous owner took extra care for it. 

Has a special Typeface that we currently use on Microsoft word as "Courier

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  1. Deeply Cleaned  
  2. Professional Service
  3. Pristine Condition 
  4. Ready for Heavy typing. 
  5. Has all Options you might need in a Typewriter.
  6. Uncommon "Regency" Typeface 


Special Blue and Grey


Metal & small part is plastic near the keys. 


Excellent Condition  

Back has minor Scratches on the lower side from the case. 

Minor scratches all over but nearly unseen. 

Appreciate Zooming into Pictures for better evaluation. 


Like all our Typewriters, It was perfectly Restored.

Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing.

Fully serviced for a Perfect Typing Experience and for long hours of Smooth Operation. 

Has two Special Keys in Black that can be replaced or taken out. 


Original Case  that is in Excellent condition. 

Typewriter fits and gets secured inside the case for transit. 

Normally Clips & handle is in very good condition .


New Black and Red Ribbon Fitted 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Nice Clean white Keys (individually cleaned) 

"Regency" PICA Typeface with 10 pts per inch. 

This is literally not common on many typewriters and we know it on Microsoft word as "Courier" 


Buy With Confidence.