Underwood 6 Typewriter

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The Underwood Number 6 Typewriter

The Background
This Amazing machine is Manufactured in 1933 under the Serial 4181XXX-10

Unfortunately due to minor damage in its frame i will only ship this Desk machine inside the UK. Price is considred discounted as a simialr machine in our store is worth 750£ at least due to its mechanical condition and rare cosmetics. Grab a bargain
To ship outside the UK. please contact me first. 

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Cleaned 
· Excellent Performance
. Will nicely type. 
.clean keys & Rare Green Keys
. Nice dinging bell. 

Matte Grey or dark shade of Beige 


Deeply cleaned to look good. 
Rubber feet Very good and Steady.
Chrome finish is Very good with minimum age signs as we have been able to restore them. 
Unfortunately it has two damages to the main frame that have been repaired by us. doesn't affect typing but should be mentioned. 
There is a random Scratches and Old Paint Imperfection due to age. 
Appreciate zooming all pictures for better evaluation of its cosmetic condition. 

Noting Stopping you from long hours of Smooth typing on this Piece of History. 
Nice Dinging Bell that might occasionally not ding due to age.
TAB Key working 
There is a slight mis alignment between lower case and upper case. 
Types nicely & smooth. 

Black  Ribbon fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard 
Clear Prints. 
PICA Typeface with 10 pts per the inch. 

Thank you.