Underwood Standard Portable 4 Bank Typewriter

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Underwood Standard Portable Typewriter

Collectable Condition and pristine by all means. 

Early Serial 4B 1215XX a very early version from 1927

It is considered in Amazing condition compared to Other Items as it was well preserved by original owner who passed it to her son. Her son, passed it to us in 2019 in hope we pass it to another loving home after our restoration. 

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Fully Restored to look great and perfectly Type
  • New platen fitted. makes it less noisy and printer much clearer. 
  • Rare Excellent to pristine  cosmetic Condition
  • Deeply cleaned
  • Clear typeface. 
  • PICA typeface. 10 pts
  • Perfect Decal.. never seen any Decal as clear as these

Glossy Black



Excellent Cosmetic Condition for its age and Model as All similar items Did not Survive the Years as this Beauty.
Keys are in Wonderful condition. all white and nice. 
Newly Polished
All Chrome Parts are Excellent 

Price is a reflection of its condition. 

Like all our Typewriters, The Item has been Fully Restored to Excellent Working Order
Smooth Typing Experience with Superb Response to Key Strikes.

NEW Platen fitted. Only UK shop to supply such a service. 

Original Underwood Lid and Base.
Normally Clips with no Original Key and some age signs on all metal edges and lock.
original   HANDLE that is worn and we prefer to keep original at the moment. 

New Black & Red Ribbon fitted for Direct usage. we used metal spools on this typewriter. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Pica Typeface with 10 pts per the inch
QWERTY Keyboard with Nice and Clean Keys that we individually cleaned to look stunning.

Thank you