Adler Gabriele 10 Typewriter Bulletin Typeface

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Adler Gabreile 10 Typewriter

With 10 CPI Bulliten Typeface

Why buy this Typewriter?
1- Has too much life in it.
2- Professionally checked & serviced (Check pictures of how we dismantled it)
3- Extra Large Typeface
4- WIDE Prints as its 10 Characters per the Inch. (Check test page)

Purpose of Usage:
Typing in General and many use for Book scrapping or for Cards.

Typeface & Font( If Special)
Bulletin with 10 CPI 
It is Wider than usual .

Light off White. Not Yellowish. 

Plastic and Metal Combination

Excellent cosmetic condition.
Deeply cleaned for a Better performance.
Deep inside its professionally cleaned (Check pictures)
Appreciate taking a deep look at all pictures and zoom in so you evaluate the condition.

Like all our typewriters, it was fully checked and it operates in Perfect condition
Key strokes are smooth with superb response due to it being excellently serviced to serve you for the coming years.
Not a single problem stopping you from Heavy typing.

Original Carrying Case.
Excellent condition
Can be easily held from handle.
appreciate looking at all pictures to evaluate

New Black Ribbon Fitted. Your typewriter is ready to use from Hello.

Qwerty Keyboard
10CPI Bulletin typeface ( Large, Wide and Tall )
Perfectly clean Keys

Thank you