Where to buy a Typewriter in Australia?

Australia & New Zealand are one of the furthest countries in the world to ship to from the United Kingdom, but, and due to the confidence of clients all over the world and in how we restore our typewriters and how we pack them and make them ready for shipping, we have been lucky to sell & safely ship more than 80 typewriters in the last three years to our beloved Australian clients & the number is increasing due to the word of mouth and due to our transparency through our website and Instagram account that shows our genuine work. 

For this reason, we decided to give Australia a special shipping rate due to high demand and to demolish all barriers stopping our Australian Clients from buying from the UK. 

Shipping cost starts from 34.99£ ( around 70 AUD) and increases as the cost of the typewriter increase. Average cost of shipping on eBay, Etsy & some private websites is 80£ to ship to our clients in Australia when the real cost is much less. 

Delivery is usually from 3-5 working days after payment. 

We Thankfully delivered all sort of typewriters to all areas around Australia and even a couple of times to Tasmania Island where we Delivered a Huge Imperial Model 50 to a client/Collector there. 

Pictures will show some of the machines that are now with our clients/Collectors in Australia. Several Imperial Good Companions, Copper plated Olympia, One Imperial 50 Typewriters and Many other typewriters that are now being used all over Australia. 

Typewriter in Australia

Typewriters in Australia.


Please check our Collections on the main page and please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns or questions that might rise. 

With Gratitude, 

Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 

 typewriters for sale in Australia

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