Don't Hesitate to Contact us if the Typewriter you want is not listed, We might have it in Non Serviced Stock and we can Custom Service for you. Thank you.

About Us

We would love to tell you a little about us. 

We are a Married Couple with two Beautiful Kids and a full time Job of Restoring Vintage Manual Typewriters from all Makes and Years Delivering these Charming Machines to a new Loving and Appreciating home. 

We have a wide Collection of Typewriters (1890 – 1975)  Extensive Experience & Enthusiasm in Restoring, Servicing and Rejuvenating This Historical Invention. 

We Sold & Restored Typewriters for British & International Editors, Journalists, historians, Musicians, Script Writers, Producers, Scientists, Typewriter Collectors, & Private individuals who wish to get for themselves or dearest ones a Special Typewriter. 

Our Typewriters have been used in two French Commercials, One Musical in California, and Several Photo Shoots in the UK and around the world and best of all, they have been perfect presents and gifts for loved ones. 

In September 2017, One of Our Customised Olivetti Typewriters was Purchased to be used in a American/British Film production Staring a British Actress. 

A Special Remington Quite-Riter Typewriter from our collection was selected to be a part of a Museum in Warwick for the Legendary Car Racer and Designer, Donald Healey. 

Our Typewriters have been all around the world even in Areas like Alaska, Brunei, Western Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, & All around the UK from Southern Borders up to Shetland Island & not to forget All over Europe & several American & Canadian States that trusted us to Ship their Typewriters.

Each item is treated as a Special Project as we will aim that it will be a unique tool in the hands of its new Owner.. 

With Gratitude. 

Walid & JouJou.
Mr & Mrs Vintage