Don't Hesitate to Contact us if the Typewriter you want is not listed, We might have it in Non Serviced Stock and we can Custom Service for you. Thank you.


Do We ship to all Countries?

Yes, We Pride ourselves to ship world wide. 
If your Shipping Country is not listed in our postage list, please make sure to message us for a quote.


Processing and Shipping time ?

All Items are shipped During the First Working Day of complete Paid orders.Our Cut off time is 10 am (UK Time).
Any orders made before this time will be shipped on Same Day.
Any orders made after 10 am will be shipped by next day.
All our Typewriters will be delivered next day after dispatch in the UK.
For Europe its 1 - 5 working day Depending on the address .
For USA  its usually  1-5 working days depending on the Zip code. 
For Rest of the world its 2-7 working days. 


Will my Typewriter be packed securely? 

Each item is Professionally and securely packed for Shipment all around the world depending on Size, Weight and Distance. 
We only use New double Walled Boxes & Fresh Packing Material from Air Bubbles & bubble wraps.

We use a Special Secure Technique that makes sure that your Typewriters Safely arrives to you at any destination around the world.  
Happy to Share picture of your item being packed before shipping it to you.


All Your Typewriters is in working order?


All Our Typewriters are Personally and Professionally Serviced, We always aim to bring the best in every one of those beautiful Historical pieces. Each Typewriter has a new Fitted ribbon and ready for usage . 

Some original parts may be even replaced from another Donor (typewriter) if needed. 


Do you Service and Repair Typewriters?

Yes, It is our pleasure to Repair or Service Your Typewriter. 

 We are happy to give you a free approximate quotation for any Typewriter you wish to fix, repair, restore, or get new parts installed. 


Will My Typewriter come with a bag/case ?

Most of our Typewriters Come with their original carrying case or a bag,

We will not charge you an additional Cost for the bag.

A copy of original manual,  unless otherwise stated. 

Only the Desk Typewriter will not come with a carry case. 


Do you offer accessories for the Typewriter?

We offer a range of accessories like dust covers, brushes, cleaning kits, original spools, and of course additional ribbons .

We offer them in a listing or sometimes as additional options to your order. 

Always Contact us if you have anything on mind , we will do our best to source it out for you. 


Where can I get new ribbons for my typewriter?

If you need more you can purchase them from our shop when ordering your typewriter.

they can be also easily found on Ebay.


Im looking a specific Model , can you help?

Yes, of course. We are always on the haunt for special models, and We have plenty in stock, please contact us for any model you have in mind. 


Why Buy from Mr. & Mrs Vintage Typewriters?

1-We Professionally & Genuinely Restore & Service Our Typewriters for direct usage by you.
2- Securely Pack the Typewriter for Prompt Dispatch to You.
3- Before & After Purchase Customer Service & Support (Just Try us 😊)
4- Detailed Description of the Typewriter so you know what to expect.
5- Your Satisfaction with your New Typewriter is our Primary Goal. 

Happy to answer all your questions and recommend a Typewriter on

(+44) 07910032591 or Through the email: