Typewriter Manuals & user Instructions

Typewriter manuals & user Instructions are an excellent source of information a typist will need while getting to know more about how to use his/her typewriter. 

From unlocking the Carriage to inserting the paper and feeding it, all essential information is usually found in these manuals that we will gladly share with you. 

Please find below the PDF copies that are prepared by us as we will be adding  Manuals of Different makes and models.


Olivetti Lettera 32 (Made in Italy or Made in Spain)

Olivetti Lettera 22 ( Made in Italy & or Made in Glasgow) 

Olympia Traveller Deluxe  S 

Hermes 3000 

Brother Deluxe portable Typewriter 

Baby Empire Portable Typewriter or Baby Hermes Featherweight 

Princess 100 & Princess 300 Portable Typewriter 

Remington Noiseless Model & Portable Typewriter Rand 

Remington Portable Typewriter (Also Remington Compact & Home portables.

Royal O & Royal A Portable Typewriter Manual 

Silver reed Silverette Typewriter Manual ( Compatible to Nearly all Silver Reed Typewriters )

Gabriele 10 - 20 - 30 Typewriter Manual

Adler Tippa Tippa S Typewriter Manual

Hermes 2000 Typewriter Manual

Imperial Good Companion Typewriter Manual

Olympia Splendid 99 Typewriter Manual (Compatible to Olympia Splendid 33 & Olympia Splendid 66 & Olympia SF)

Imperial Portables Typewriter Manual ( Model 201 - 202 - 205 )


Like always, if there is any thing we can help with concerning your Typewriter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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