What is the best typewriter for children?


What is the best typewriter for children?

Many will be amazed that young children aged 5 years to 16 years create one of our biggest client base for typewriters due to the fact that these young writers are attracted to these machines after being aware that most of the famous writers throughout history used typewriters to write unforgettable poems, stories and books. 

Kid typing on a typewriter

Yes, their eagerness to use a typewriter can never be described as we witnessed how powerful is the magic of the typewriters on the young people today. 

Thus, and from our personal experience,  the Best typewriters that we will recommend for children between the age of 6 & 14 are the following. 

  1. Olivetti Tropical or Olivetti ROMA .. for an Upgrade, go for Olivetti Lettera 32
  2. Silver Reed Typewriters ( famous for its Silverette Model) 
  3. Adler Tippa or Adler Tippa S

Selection is always based on their smooth keys to type on, ease to use, light weight & our own experience with these typewriter models. 

The most important thing is that these typewriter should be cleaned, serviced & professionally reconditioned to be suitable for usage by young people. 

We pride our-self to be parents of two wonderful kids that have their own typewriter after we made sure its properly adjusted to be suitable for them and no containing any dirt, grease, and working properly and checked by us. 

Most important, we do not re sell typewriters that have been used before by smokers that unfortunately leave a lot of nicotine residual on the typewriters and this is not healthy at all. 

All our typewriters are properly selected and get a perfect clean to be passed to their new owners. 

If you are looking for  a typewriter for your young children, please contact us & we will be more than happy to prepare a typewriter for the young writer. 

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This link has the best typewriters suitable for Children from age 5 up to 16.


Check the list of suitable typewriters below and we will be happy to supply them by Pre-orders as well if not available. 


Walid Saad

Looking for a typewriter for kids 8 to 12 for Christmas.. the 8 year old loves to write stories

Walid Saad

Hello. I’m looking for a suitable typewriter for an 8 year old boy that the keys are easy to depress. Needs to reach us before Christmas. Also looking to stay under $300 USD. Thank you for your time!

Walid Saad

I’m looking for a typewriter for my granddaughter. Can you recommend me one .

Walid Saad

Hi I’m looking for a typewriter to suit my grandaughter who is 6 ,do you have anything suitable .
Thankyou Elaine

Walid Saad

Thank you for contacting. the Typewriter will be with you on Thursday 14h of November.

Walid Saad

Hello. I’m looking for an Olivetti Roma for my daughter for this Christmas. Can you help?
Thank you

Walid Saad

Wanting to purchase two typewriters for my grandchildren (4 girls, 1 boy). Ages are 5-9. Please let me know what you have and prices.

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