"QWERTZ" Voss Model 50 Typewriter

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This is a Cosmetically  example of the Voss Model 50 typewriter that was part of our personal collection.

Serial 30XXX from 1952. 

Mechanical condition. 

Professionally rescued to working order. 

BUT to get the consistent line spacing, you will need to free the platen on the left side as cog pressure lever is slightly worn and wont apply proper pressure to leave the ticking sound when moving the platen with the knob. 

So you can normally type but while freeing the platen from left side. 

New & fresh Black/red ribbon fitted. 

Nice dinging bell and smooth action. 

 Cosmetic condition:

Like all our typewriters, it was genuinely restored & serviced.

Excellent frame with minor surface marks.

Clean  Keys.

Original carrying lid and base that are in very good condition. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTZ Keyboard

PICA typeface 

10 pts per the inch.