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3 Black & Red (Or Black) Typewriter Ribbon Spools for Group 1 (GR1) Fits Olympia, Triumph, Adler, & Gabrielle Models

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For our Beloved Clients,
We Do not look for profits selling Typewriter ribbons,
But we would love to know that you are using your Typewriter. 
For this Reason, 
3 fresh Typewriter Ribbons .. for 9.99£ 
Delivered Within the UK.
Excellent Condition and all fresh. We use them on our own Typewriters. 
These Are Called
1001FN or GROUP 1 or DIN 2103 
Will Fit the Following Typewriters: 
Olympia 6710
Olympia 6760
Olympia Carina 2
Olympia Carina Portable
Olympia DeLuxe
Olympia Electric 35
Olympia Electric 45
Olympia Monica
Olympia Monica MD
Olympia Portable
Olympia SM2-4
Olympia SM9-33
Olympia Simplex Portable
Olympia SG1
Olympia SG3
Olympia SGE35
Olympia SGE40
Olympia SGE45
Olympia SM2
Olympia SM4
Olympia SM7
Olympia SM9
Olympia SM33
Olympia Splendid 33
Olympia Splendid 66
Olympia Splendid 99
Olympia Traveller
Olympia Traveller C
Olympia Traveller DeLuxe
Olympia Traveller DeLuxe S
Triumph Adler Gabriele
Triumph Adler Gabriele 10
Triumph Adler Gabriele 20
Triumph Adler Gabriele 25
Triumph Adler Gabriele 35
Triumph Adler Gabriele 2000
Triumph Adler Electric
Triumph Adler Tippa
Triumph Adler Tippa 1
Triumph Adler Tippa Elite
Triumph Adler Tippa S
Triumph Adler Universal 20
Triumph Adler Universal 40
Triumph Adler Universal 200
Triumph Adler Universal 275
Triumph Adler Contessa DeLuxe
Triumph Adler Junior 1
Triumph Adler Junior 2
Triumph Adler Junior 3
Triumph Adler Junior 20
Triumph Adler Junior 30
Triumph Adler Rover DeLuxe EP101
Boots 30
Boots 32
Boots 40
Boots 42
Daro Erika 5
Daro Erika 6
Daro Erika 10
Daro Erika 12
Daro Erika 31
Daro Erika 32
Daro Erika 33
Daro Erika 41
Daro Erika 42
Daro Erika 60
Daro Erika 202 Electric
Daro Erika Portable
Daro Imperial 80
Daro Imperial 90
Facit 733
Facit 1610
Facit 1620
Facit 1630
Facit 1730
Facit 1740
Facit 1742
Facit 1820
Facit 1840
Facit 6202
Facit 6210
Facit Electric
Rare Models of Silver Reed 
Silver Reed 510DX
Silver Reed Consul
Silver Reed Consul 2223
Silver Reed SR280
Silver Reed SR280 DeLuxe

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