Hammond Multiplex Working Typewriter a écrire Schreibmaschine 打字机 آلة

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Hammond Multiplex  Typewriter

The Background 

This Amazing machine is Manufactured after 1913 under the Serial 16XXXX found on its left back corner

This Typewriter Belonged to a lady who passed all her typewriters to us as she worked as a Lawyer/University Instructor/Writer & Researcher  in Sheffield.

What makes it Important is the fact that all mechanics are excellent (other than the Shields - we took out) and it was now deeply cleaned for a free movement from being kept away for the last 50 Years. 

Why Buy this Typewriter?

  • Professionally Cleaned and in Our own way as we take it all out ( See Pictures please) 
  • Platen and Rollers are Excellent. 
  •  Still has the Decals in their Excellent Condition on its front.

. No Missing Keys or Broken ones and Types from two sides. 




Deeply cleaned to look good. 

We fully Dismantle the Typewriter for a deep clean. PLease See Pictures. 

Typewriter have age and usage signs all over. 

minor Paint Imperfections on the front Metal parts like the Back Space and Key Rings. 

From Experience, Typewriter looks to be used in a pure professional medium but age signs will appear if we like it or not. 

Appreciate zooming all pictures for better evaluation of its cosmetic condition. 


You Can Type on it. But, we Took the Shields (Vibrator Equivalent in Modern Typewriters)   of it so it will not show what you are Typing and We are not Selling for Daily Typing but only As a Display/Prop , Occasional Typing for fun, or for collection. 

Do not expect to smoothly type for long hours on it. 

Line Spacing is fine

No Alignment between caps and lower case

all keys strike and no sticking. 

Perfect Dinging Bell. 

Back Space Key Works

Types on Both Sides of the Keyboard as the Mechanism is divided into two. 

Shuttle freely moves.


Broken Lid and Base and in very bad condition and they are included in the listing but we couldn't repair or refurbish them as the base has a missing wooden part on the right side. 

it doesn't lock. 

broken lid and worn edges and Corners. 

Kindly Check pictures for Details. 

If case was in Better Shape, price would have been around 850£


LIGHT Black  Ribbon fitted on Original Metal Spools. but it is a 12.7mm when i know it needs a thinner Ribbon to perfectly performs. 

Ink on Ribbon is Light and with a Better inked Ribbon, it will surely leave better Prints. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

 3 Bank Keyboard 

Normal Shuttle Type included in the Typewriter with No box. 

Thank you.