Rare Military Olympia SM Typewriter with Original Panzerkoffer Carrying Case

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A unique find among military typewriters, the Rare Military Olympia SM Typewriter boasts a camouflaged design with black metal replacing all shiny chrome parts. This version surpasses the renowned Robust Typewriter from the Pre-WW2 era. Even the smallest details, such as the line spacing lever and paper holder, are coated in sleek black enamel.

We are astounded by its impeccable craftsmanship and have yet to come across anything comparable.

Around the knobs, its all military green colour, blending with the main frame. 


This Rare Military Olympia SM Typewriter includes its original Panzerkoffer Carrying Case, which was designed to keep it secure and protected. The case remains in excellent condition despite its age and previous use, with only minor paint wear on the interior and exterior. The solid construction and compact inner space ensure that the typewriter is well-packed and secure in any outer conditions.

Additionally, the case features a rubber seal around the edges for added waterproof protection.

Finally, the overall current condition of the Typewriter. it is just in Super clean condition and fully serviced for a perfect typing experience. 

 German QWERTZ keyboard. 

10pts/Inch PICA typeface. 

Collectable condition and a rare find to be added to your typewriter collection.