Underwood Standard portable Typewriter

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Underwood Standard portable  Typewriter

Same Model used in "House of Cards" American Series on Netflix 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 
· Pristine cosmetic condition
· Glossy Black
· Original Spools 
. Clean Keys with Glass tops
. Deeply cleaned and fully serviced
. Excellent Case. 

Background and Info

this Underwood Standard is Similar to the Universal Model by Underwood used by Francis Underwood ( played by Kevin Spacey ) in the Amazing American Series, "House of Cards". Watch it, and you will know the Importance of this Typewriter as. 

Its of Series Starting with F 762XXX from the Year 1934. 

This Belonged to Nice Family in the North West of London that inherited it from their late Father who was a Collector & fan of Typewriters.

Glossy Black
The Amazing Glass topped Keys with nice Chrome Edges

Immaculate cosmetic condition 
Glossy Black is still in perfect condition 
Item was Deeply and Professionally cleaned for a perfect look and amazing performance. 
Glass Topped Keys have White Centre with no Marks on Discolouration. 
Appreciate Zooming the pictures for a perfect evaluation of the cosmetic condition.

Minor Scratches on the Spool Caps. 

Typewriter was fully checked to return to working order. 

Types nice and Clear. 

Smooth typing on the keys 

Nice dinging bell. 

Reverse Ribbon is not working. in other words, Ribbon moves to one side only  (we will supply two Extra Fresh Ribbons to one already installed)

Original Case that is in Excellent condition
Age signs on the outside and inside but considerably minor. 
Handle has worn side and some rust on metal part, 
Perfectly locks with no Key. 

New Ribbon Spooled on the Original Metal  Spools  ( We recommend always using the metal spools and not the plastic one on this kind of typewriters ) 

You will get two Extra Fresh Ribbons. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard and PICA typeface with 10 pts per inch.

Thank you,