Top 5 overrated Typewriters

Top 5 overrated Typewriters

Last month, We shared with you our top 10 worst typewriters that we banned from our workshop due to many reasons we have explained in detail and mention.

This month, I have another list to share with you, top 5 Overrated typewriters ever made, again this is personal and professional opinion. 

Our classification is based on unreasonably market prices compared to below average performance. In other words, they look good but performance not as much.

Like always, our list doesn't include pre 1920 typewriters and always based on our experience with these typing machines in addition to customers’ and collectors’ feedback in general. 

Without any Delay, here is my Top 5 overrated typewriters:

5- LC Smith Corona 4 typewriter: 

Corona 4 Purple Typewriter

Yes, Joining the list from the top 10 worst typewriters is the Corona 4 typewriter that is unbelievably attractive and looks futuristic for a 1920-1930s typewriter.

Look at the pictures below and tell me, aren't they gorgeous? 

But, when it comes to typing, even after thorough restoration, they still do not perform as good as other typewriters, they are just not so reliable.

Personally, I would pay money for the looks only, otherwise, it’s a "No Go"

4- Groma Kolibri. 

 Another One from my top 10 worst typewriters. It is so overrated and undoubtedly overpriced for the performance, reliability and fragility.

I’ve had many requests for the Kolibri, but I won’t sell it to a client because I am certain it won’t consistently deliver as we promise. 


3- Royal P, the old versions. Not the later Royal Ps with a Covered ribbon spool. 

Royal P typewriter enthusiasts will always be loyal to this Model but I will not agree with them on this one. 

We have in our personal collection a Blue Alligator Royal P, its dazzling in our living room, but I won’t be tempted to type on it. From personal experience, those models consistently have issues with skipping. If you type too fast, you will for sure end up with few letters skipping spaces. 

Although I love the glass topped keys, not all have them and that makes things worse, cosmetically speaking. 

Royal P Blue Typewriter


2- Bar Let Typewriters:

A shiny & small typewriter with Keys popping on the front with extremely fragile parts and complicated mechanism. Yes, that is a Bar let in a Nutshell. 

Unfortunately, you might see them sell for £200+ in non-serviced condition and this what makes the typewriter industry unreasonable as the typewriter itself is not a success when it comes to typing on but we should admit that it looks great and some colours like the green, blue and red are awesome. 

Ber-Let Typewriter

So, if you are looking to buy it for a display then she is a WINNER! But as a typing machine best to “Stay away”.

Thus, the Bar-Let typewriter will be in the Second place in the overrated typewriters list without any regret. 


1- Hermes Baby or Hermes Rocket… the Later Versions. 

Hermes Typewriter

Don't get me wrong, Hermes Baby, the older versions with the slick frame are beyond perfect but these later models are simply economic versions of the great Hermes baby, and they are a shame to be named Hermes baby. 

Why the Hermes baby topped my list?

Because it has a lot of issues and it shares the same mechanism of a Silver Reed Carriage. They key mechanism is the same as the Olivetti Roma & Tropical. 

Another factor that makes it overrated is its fragile plastic frame that easily gets broken when removing the mechanism and rarely survives the process.  

So, Do you agree with our list or not? 


Keep typing. 

Walid Saad



Unhonourable mentions:

- Blue Bird typewriters 

- Royalite typewriters.



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Top 10 Worst typewriters

Top 10 Worst typewriters

After nearly 5 years of repairing and restoring typewriters, I can now confidently share with you the top 10 worst typewriters to work with when it comes to repairing, restoring & final performance.

The list will include some typewriters that are literally banned from entering our workshop and I will personally not bother investing in them even if in new condition. 


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Imperial Typewriters restoration

Imperial Typewriters restoration

British Imperial Typewriter restoration at its highest standards is performed inside our workshop at Mr & Mrs Vintage typewriters. 

All The Imperial typewriter models have always had a brilliant design that looked elegant and can be identified as one of the most attractive typewriters ever made pre the world war two. 

 Imperial Typewriter in Mank Movie

Picture right for the Movie, "Mank" and Netflix productions. 

We proudly restored 4 Imperial typewriters to be used in the award winning Movie, Mank in 2020. This was a Netflix productions movie and the typed letters on the start of each part of the movie where also typed on one of our Supplied typewriters, a Remington 8 noiseless typewriter.   

imperial good companion model 1 typewriter restoration

Picture above illustrates on some of the restoration work performed on each imperial typewriter we restore in our workshop. 

We thrive for the perfect imperial  typewriter as it deserves to be looking great as we all effortlessly typing. 

Every Imperial typewriter gets a full treat on our workbench, starting with

* Dismantling it apart
* Removing the keys slugs
* Removing the key tops & key rings (they’re usually mouldy from the inside) 
* Taking the main spring apart ( essential step because it always has dried out lubricant)
* Cleaning every angle
* Replacing any dead spring or any other part needed
* Replacing the rollers
* Replacing the rubber feet
* Adding new platen ( where needed) 

That and much more detailed work to make sure its perfect. 

proudly we are now supplying them, when requested, with a new platen, fitted to service for years to come and to dampen the typing sound and for better prints. 


Imperial typewriter decal

Imperial British right through typewriter restoration

Finally, wanted to confirm that this applies to all Imperial typewriter models and specially the desk Imperial 50 typewriter that we pride our self to be one of the few that still genuinely restore them and rejuvenate them for usage again. 

With gratitude, 

Walid from Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters. 

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Where to buy a Typewriter in the UAE?

Where to buy a Typewriter in the UAE?

Where to buy a Typewriter in the UAE? or where to find a working  typewriter for sale in Dubai? Mr and Mrs vintage typewriters will supply restored and working typewriter to all emirates in the UAE in 2-5 working days.
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Where to buy a typewriter in Singapore?

Where to buy a typewriter in Singapore?

Since 2016, we have supplied more than 200 typewriters to All areas in Singapore. 

At Mr & Mrs Vintage typewriters, we have a direct relation with with reputed typewriter collectors and individuals that trust us to deliver the most beautifully restored typewriters, in 2-3 working days, and safely to our beloved Singapore.

Rare Williams model 1 typewriter  

Unfortunately, you can find locally typewriters but these are only imported from Europe & the United States and re-sold for Much more after a small clean and wont be up to the standards to type on for years and it wont be as deeply cleaned as our fully restored typewriters. 

A Kind friend now and unique typewriters collector bought from us more than 30 typewriters and we have been able to prepare many of his extra special requests. One of the most important projects prepare for him was the Rare Georgian Typewriter that we fully restored for him and we prepared a special article about it. Click here to Read it.

rare Georgian typewriter restoration to Singapore.

in the last year, More than 20 Smith Corona typewriters have been restored and safely delivered to Singaporean Clients that asked us for this lovely folding typewriter and we delivered many of them to clients that have limited space to put a typewriter as it is tiny and will fit on any desk. 

Corona folding typewriter restoration

Finally, If you are in Singapore, and you want a special typewriter or like one from our already restored typewriters on the website, please feel free to purchase or contact us  so we prepare a perfect typewriter that suits your needs and taste in these vintage typewriters. 

Important note, Delivery is in 2-5 working days by far to your door step. 

Thank you 


Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters. 


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Typewriter for sale in Ireland

Where to buy a Typewriter in Ireland?

At Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters, we had the honour to supply the Republic of Ireland with typewriters since we started our typewriter restoration business in 2016. 

During the Christmas of 2017, we sold around 15 typewriters all over Ireland and word of mouth was a key. Thankfully, during the 2019 Christmas season alone, We sold around 60 typewriters to all areas around Ireland and specially after we introduced the Free Shipping to all counties and cities. We shipped to all parts of Dublin the Capital, Carlow, Cavan, Clare, Cork, Donegal, Galway, Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny, Limerick, Leithrim, Laois, Longford, Louth, Mayo, Meath, Monaghan, Offaly, Roscommon, Sligo, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath, Wexford, Wicklow and all in 1-3 working days without any hassle. 

100s of Happy clients, friends, repeating customers that trust us to prepare their typewriters and safely and promptly deliver.


Typewriters for sale in Ireland

To see our working typewriters for sale, please press on "Shop Now" on the main menu or press on our LOGO 

Expect customs and VAT of £10-30 to be paid in Ireland to Courier (They will contact you) 

Typewriter restoration in Ireland is an easy process as many kind clients sent us their typewriters for repair and restoration (we helped them in packing process when needed) and we sent them back their typewriters to be treasured for years to come. 

Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us for any special order or query about any of our restored and working typewriters. 

Thank you

Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriters. 

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What are the Best typewriters for writers & novelists

What are the Best typewriters for writers & novelists

What are the best heavy duty typewriters to be used by writers and novelists.

Therefore, the Top 10 typewriters are the following:

  1. Remington portable 2 Typewriter
  1. Adler Tippa S Typewriter
  1. Brother Deluxe Typewriter  
  1. Remington Victor S Typewriter or Victor T. Similar also to Smith Premier Model 5 Typewriter.  
  1. Smith Corona Super Silent Typewriter (5th Series) & Smith Corona Standard Typewriter or Silent (Flat Topped) 
  1. Imperial Good Companion Model 1 Typewriter
  1. Olympia SM2 Typewriter, Olympia SM3 Typewriter, or Olympia SM4 Typewriter
  1. Olivetti Lettera 32 Typewriter or Olivetti Lettera DL Typewriter (Olivetti Letter 33) 


  1. Olympia SM9 Typewriter ( Upgraded SM8)


  1. Hermes 3000 Typewriter

Honourable mentions. 

  • Underwood 4 Bank Typewriter
  • Royal P Typewriter
  • Olivetti Lettera 22




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What are the Typewriter Fonts & Typefaces?

What are the Typewriter Fonts & Typefaces?

Typewriter fonts and typefaces illustrated in one universal document showing Royal Typewriter, Imperial Typewriter, Hammond Typewriter and Olympia Typewriter fonts and typefaces.
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Where to buy a Typewriter in Australia?

Where to buy a Typewriter in Australia?


 Australia & New Zealand are one of the furthest countries in the world to ship to from the United Kingdom, but, and due to the confidence of clients all over the world and in how we restore our typewriters and how we pack them and make them ready for shipping, we have been lucky to sell & safely ship more than 150 typewriters in the last 5 years to our beloved Australian clients & the number is increasing due to the word of mouth and due to our transparency through our website and Instagram account that shows our genuine work. 

For this reason, we decided to give Australia a special shipping rate due to high demand and to demolish all barriers stopping our Australian Clients from buying from the UK. 

Shipping cost starts from 39.99£ ( around 75 AUD) and increases as the cost of the typewriter increase. Average cost of shipping on eBay, Etsy & private websites is 80£ to ship to our clients in Australia when the real cost is much less & some others market it’s free when it’s added to the typewriter original cost & you are paying much more than you should. 

Delivery is usually from 4-9 working days after payment & don’t forget , our fast one working day dispatch policy to our clients.

Note: Some remote Areas within Australia might incur extra shipping cost for around £20. you will be contacted if its the case. 

We Thankfully delivered all sort of typewriters to all areas around Australia and even a couple of times to Tasmania Island where we Delivered a Huge Imperial Model 50 to a client/Collector there. 

Pictures will show some of the machines that are now with our clients/Collectors in Australia. Several Imperial Good Companions, Copper plated Olympia, One Imperial 50 Typewriters and Many other typewriters that are now being used all over Australia. 

Typewriter in Australia

Typewriters in Australia.


Please check our Collections on the main page and please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns or questions that might rise. 

With Gratitude, 

Walid Saad

Mr and Mrs Vintage Typewriters. 

 typewriters for sale in Australia

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What is Typewriter Art?

What is Typewriter Art?

What is Typewriter art? 

That was my Google Keyword Search when a Gentleman phoned me during the Christmas season of 2017 asking me for a typewriter that will type clearly and doesn't have any sticky keys and all that was after introducing himself as a "Typewriter Artist". 

So simply, Typewriter art is a form of art that uses a typewriter to draw a picture. 

Luckily, he explained to me that he uses his typewriters to draw patterns & simple drawings by clicking a certain letter and explained to me that there are many famous & talented Typewriter artists all around the world. 

One of the most talented artists are London Based Keira Rathbone & Robert Derfler from Germany. They both brilliantly draw faces, buildings and landscapes and i personally follow them on my Instagram and enjoy visiting their accounts. 

Picture Below shows the drawing of Frauenkirche in Dresden by Typewriter artist Robert Derfler who was able to make sure that his drawing are detailed and realistic to the extent that at the first glance you think its a pencil drawing. This art piece was one of his favourites.  

 typewriter art picture drawing using a typewriter of Frauenkirche in Dresden

The Main purpose of my article is not only to share with you the drawings drawn using a typewriter but it is to prove that typewriters have been an inspiration for many to draw like wise to people who used it to type their stories, letters, and notes.

The Typewriter will shift you to a new world where you are totally disconnected from the digital world and its perfection to a world where mistakes are acceptable and can be a lesson to become better instead of being slaves of the digital world that made everything easy and look perfect while leaving us struggling to discover our own talents and learning from our mistakes. 

That is another sign of the Typewriter revolution. 

Eiffel tower drawn using a typewriter

All picture Credits for Robert Derfler and you can find his art on


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Which typewriter ribbon do i need for my typewriter?

Which typewriter ribbon do i need for my typewriter?

Which Typewriter Ribbon Model fits my typewriter?
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What is the cost to restore, repair, or service a typewriter?

What is the cost to restore, repair, or service a typewriter?

It is 2020 and i still get daily phone calls, emails or text messages from clients from all over the world for rough estimates of the cost of restoring a typewriter. 

The cost to restore a typewriter depends on the following options:

  1. The Model of the vintage typewriter 
  2. The current Cosmetic condition of the Typewriter
  3. The amount of grease, dirt, and grime inside the typewriter
  4. The mechanical condition of the typewriter.
  5. Where applicable, the kind of repairs to be done. 
  6. Where applicable, the parts to be replaced or re created. 
  7. Is the typewriter a portable or Desk typewriter

chrome rings removal and platen from typewriter

All this in hand, we usually give a rough estimate of the cost of labour and parts to restore any typewriter and usually the better estimate is when the typewriter is inspected on our work desk and when the client knows how much he can invest on his typewriter. 

Our cost range starts from 75£ to clean small portable typewriter from the 1970s and beyond up to 3000£ and maybe more for a full restoration  job of a rare typewriter or a dear one that needs a lot of attention & detailed work. 

Noiseless Typewriter company restoration

For Example, cost to restore an Olympia SM3 typewriter  starts from 200£.

cost of restoration of a Remington portable from the pre war era is starting 225£ due to work needed on their rubber rollers and washers. 

Cost of restoration of an Imperial good companion starts from 300£ up to 750£ depending on work to be done on this beautiful machines that always needs special attention. 

& finally, work on a Hermes 3000 will cost 350£ and more depending on how greasy it is and if the platen needs a new layer or not. 

Each typewriter has its own characteristics and cost to recondition it or restore it will differ.

Link above shows the details of our work on a rare Georgian keyboard typewriter that was specially prepared for a vivid Typewriter collector from Singapore.  

Since 2016, we have been trusted with various restoration projects for clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, The United States and the Far East as we have always aimed for a perfect from A to Z with perfect communication with our client concerning the work to be done and the work completed.


for a Free typewriter restoration quote, please contact us by email or phone with pictures of the typewriter:


Phone (Whatsapp) :

(+44) 07910032591   


platen restoration with rubber


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