Who are Mr & Mrs Vintage?

We are Walid and Joujou, a British-Lebanese couple with two beautiful kids and a full time commitment to restoring & conserving vintage typewriters.

Self taught to unconventionally rejuvenate typewriters and restore them in the most beautiful way to regain their original charm, presence & magic on everyone. 

Walid and Joujou from Mr and Mrs Vintage typewriter ltd.

We proudly started from the bottom as our first typewriter was cleaned and serviced on our kitchen top using a screw driver we borrowed from a friend.

Now, we are thankful that we have our own workshop where we meticulously restore typewriters to be delivered all over the world & proud owners of one of the most unique and special typewriter collections in the world that is around 250 typewriters. 

Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters at The Repair Shop | Walid & Joujou

In 2018, We have been invited as Typewriters Guest Experts to BBC's  prestigious and award winning show "The Repair Shop" and filmed the restoration of a Pre-War Corona 3 Typewriter.

It is Episode 14 of Series 4 and can be watched on BBC iPlayer.

Or Episode 32 in the 60min episodes. 

NEW NEW!!!  if you are in the US or Canada, and a couple more countries, you can watch on The Repair Shop YouTube Channel on the link Below. Not Available in the UK. 

NEW NEW!!! We will be appearing in Series 12 & 13... Filmed the episodes and we will share on social media when it will be broadcasted. 

From Series 4. 

Typewriter restoration on the Repair Shop BBC

william kirk and mr and mrs vintage typewriter restore a corona 3


NEW!! Our personal favourite comedian, Mr Jerry Seinfeld, through Netflix Productions, requested a couple of special typewriters (We will write a blog about them) for his new film, "Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story" that should start showing October 2022. 

As a thank you, Mr Seinfeld signed our mustard Yellow Brother typewriter that will be a treasured as part of our growing personal collection. 

Jerry Seinfeld signed typewriter  from movie Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story


Before that, Netflix Productions asked us to restore 3 identical Glossy Imperial Good companion Model 1 Typewriters for the Movie, "Mank", the American biographical drama film about screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz . It’s was an honour to be trusted by this global production company to prepare these three typewriters and restore a 4th Typewriter from their inventory. On the other hand, we supplied a 5th typewriter to create the font for all the chryons that run before the scenes in the movie. (Picture rights for Netflix productions)

Typewriters in Mank movie on Netflix


Other Media appearances:

1- During July 2018, we filmed a part of an Episode of BBC 1's "Money for Nothing" with Master Upholster & TV presenter Jay Blades who collaborated with us on saving an Underwood 3 Bank Typewriter from being Skipped. Episode 7 is available on iPlayer. 

2- Podcast on BBC world Services with Emily Webb on the "Outlook" interviewing us about how we started our Typewriter restoration business and more about our passion to these magical machines. 

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csyhhn (Minute 36 of the Podcast)

3- In May 2018, We have been Featured in "The Simple Things" Magazine that put the spots on our work and how these Machines Transformed our lives.  To view the full article please click here for a PDF Copy.

Mr & Mrs Vintage Typewriters Magazine Feature

in the last 6 years, We Sold, repaired  & Restored at least 4000 Typewriters for British & International Editors, Journalists, historians, Musicians, Script Writers, Producers, Scientists, Typewriter Collectors, & Private individuals who wish to get for themselves or dearest ones a Special Typewriter. 

One of our Imperial Good Companion Typewriters was featured in the ABC Murders (Agatha Christie) by Mammoth productions on BBC one. 

In 2018, we prepared a couple of Typewriters to be used in "The Crown" Season 3 that started transmission in November 2019 on Netflix. 

Our Typewriters have been all around the world even in Areas like Alaska, Brunei, Western Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, & All around the UK from Southern Borders up to Shetland Island & not to forget All over Europe & several American & Canadian States that trusted us to Ship their Typewriters.

The most Important part is that each Typewriter is treated as a Special Project as we will aim that it will be a unique Typewriter in the hands of its new Owner.. So do not settle for less than perfect. 

With Gratitude. 

Walid & JouJou.
Mr & Mrs Vintage