Which typewriter ribbon do i need for my typewriter?

One of the most common questions in our shop is, "Which Ribbon fits my typewriter?" and "Are Typewriter ribbons easy to find and buy?".

If you have a problem to identify which Ribbon suits your typewriter, please contact us so we identify it for you. 

Through this article, i will be helping you to identify the suitable typewriter ribbon for your typewriter and before that i can confirm to you that Ribbons are widely available and manufactured in many parts of the world to be used by all typewriter users and enthusiasts. 

There are Three Major typewriter Ribbons that are widely used on typewriters and they are the following: 

Group 4 Ribbons are used on mainly all Olivetti Typewriters. They have been specially designed to work on this Model and on all early machines they need a small nut to hold it tight to the typewriter. 

Please visit our Ribbons and Accessories page to buy it or Press Here to direct you. 

Olivetti knurled nut to hold the typewriter ribbon spools

Press here for the Spool Nut 

Group 9 or GR9 Ribbons

Now this is one of the most used Typewriter Ribbons in the world as its well known to fit all Japanese made Typewriters since the 1970s and on the same hand, it was used for one two pre war leading American Brands, Royal & Underwood Typewriters. 

 So, Group 9 Ribbons fit all Silver Reed Models, Brother Typewriters, Hermes Typewriters, and WH Smith Typewriters. 

You can use this list as an indicator 

Silver Reed
All Silver Reed Manual Typewriters 
Silverette II 
Leader 2
Silver Reed 500
& Other for other models(contact us)
Hermes 3000
Hermes 2000
Hermes Media
Hermes Baby
Hermes Rocket
Hermes Feather-weight

Brother Deluxe 900, 800T, 850, 1300, 1350, and 1510

& Brother Echelon

& Mainly all Brother portables 

WH SMITH FOX Typewriters

All models

Small portable imperials:
Imperial Litton 
imperial good companion 202-203-205 
imperial mercury 
imperial tab o matic 


Royal portable Typewriters: (Will always Recommed using Original Metal Spools)

Royal P

Royal O

Royal A

Royal Quite Deluxe and Many other pre war Models. 

Underwood Typewriters:

Underwood Standard portable 3 Bank & 3 Bank. 

Underwood 3, 4, 5, and 6. 

Underwood Champion and many other models. 

Extreme Exception: All Olympia Typewriter Made for the US market takes Group 9 Ribbons. you can tell from the $ sign in the keyboard as a main Currency on the first line. 

Group 1 or GR1 Ribbons. 

Another model that is used on mainly all German made typewriters. 
Its known to be a little wider spool Diameter & also can be named DIN 2103 on certian Typewriter manuals. 
So, please used list below for typewriters that takes GR! ribbons. 
Olympia Carina 2
Olympia Carina Portable
Olympia De Luxe
Olympia Monica
Olympia Monica MD
Olympia Portable
Olympia Simplex Portable
Olympia SG1
Olympia SG3
Olympia SM2
Olympia SM3
Olympia SM4
Olympia SM5
Olympia SM7
Olympia SM8
Olympia SM9
Olympia Splendid 33
Olympia Splendid 66
Olympia Splendid 99
Olympia SF
Olympia Traveller
Olympia Traveller C
Olympia Traveller DeLuxe
Olympia Traveller DeLuxe S
Triumph Adler Gabriele
Triumph Adler Gabriele 10
Triumph Adler Gabriele 20
Triumph Adler Gabriele 25
Triumph Adler Gabriele 35
Triumph Adler Gabriele 2000
Triumph Adler Electric
Triumph Adler Tippa
Triumph Adler Tippa 1
Triumph Adler Tippa Elite
Triumph Adler Tippa S
Triumph Adler Universal 20
Triumph Adler Universal 40
Triumph Adler Universal 200
Triumph Adler Universal 275
Triumph Adler Contessa DeLuxe
Triumph Adler Junior 1
Triumph Adler Junior 2
Triumph Adler Junior 3
Triumph Adler Junior 20
Triumph Adler Junior 30
Triumph Adler Rover DeLuxe EP101
Swiss Piccola 
Oliver Portable
Script Beacourt 
Princess 100
Princess 200
Princess 300
Impex Maria
Daro Erika 5
Daro Erika 6
Daro Erika 10
Daro Erika 12
Daro Erika 31
Daro Erika 32
Daro Erika 33
Daro Erika 41
Daro Erika 42
Daro Erika 60
Daro Erika 202 Electric
Daro Erika Portable
Daro Imperial 80
Daro Imperial 90
Facit 733
Facit 1610
Facit 1620
Facit 1630
Facit 1730
Facit 1740
Facit 1742
Facit 1820
Facit 1840
Facit 6202
Facit 6210
The lists above include a lot of typewriter models but we are happy to add any that is missing. please contact us to edit out lists. 
Metal Spools & Exceptions
Some Typewriters will not take all the newly manufactured Ribbons & will only work on the original Metal or plastic spools that have been originally fitted on these typewriters. 
Some excellent examples are the following:
Imperial Good Companion Model 1 & Model T.
Imperial Desk typewriters. 50, 55, 58, 60, 66, 70 & Some other models. 
Royal 10 Desk typewriter
All Remington portables from Model 1 to 5.
All Remington Desk Typewriters. 
Mainly all Smith Corona Desk typewriters. 
Plastic Made Smith Corona like Calypso and Zephyr.
Proud to mention that we have a lot of these Spool in our stock for any future needs as they are nearly obsolete. On the other hand, if you need a Metal Spool for your ribbons please contact us to check our inventory. 
Finally, Typewriter Ribbons are widely available and still massively manufactured so do not worry and keep on buying typewriters and use them as ink will be always available for you to buy
Visit link below for all your typewriter accessories needs. 
Thank you 
Walid Saad



Walid Saad

need replacement ribbon FOR.. smith corona electric typewriter.. placque on bottom base states… sterling automatic 12 electric typewriter model-3LRC.. thank you

Walid Saad

Can l still get a ribbon for an electric typewriter Brother. AX 430

Walid Saad

Update: after a little searching, I have discovered that it looks almost identical to a Quiet-Riter typewriter.

Walid Saad

Hi, I have a vintage Remington typewriter, but I’m not sure of the model. how do I find out which ribbon it needs?

Walid Saad

Need some ribbons olympia splendid 66 ate they in stock

Walid Saad

Looking for new ribbon for this Smith Corona Electric typewriter. There is a plate near the roller with this # 3LRU425844. The spools are 1 5/8” wide. I did keep the old ribbon on the spools.

Walid Saad

What type writer ribbon is used for Hanimex Elite 60

Walid Saad

I have a Panasonic R200 electronic typewriter. It still works, after all these years (40+)!!.
Where can I buy replacement ribbon cartridges?
Thank you for your help.

Sheena Lawspn.

Walid Saad

I do not know the model of my desktop Royal typewriter. I cannot find such information on the machine. Can you help me identify it so I can get ribbon?

Walid Saad

Where can I find typewriter cassette ribbon for my Silver Reed EP10 electric typewriter, please?

Walid Saad

I have acquired a Smith Corona typwriterElectra II
and am grateful to know where to buy ribbons for it
in central London.
Mike McGrath

Walid Saad

I have acquired a Smith Corona typwriterElectra II
and am grateful to know where to buy ribbons for it
in central London.
Mike McGrath

Walid Saad

Do you know what ribbon is needed for my typewriter ‘The Empire’?

Walid Saad

I would like to buy a typewriter ribbon for my Royal portable typewriter- Signet

Do you have them available

Walid Saad

What ribbon would the Underwood “Correspondant” take?

Walid Saad

need ribbon for an Underwood Universal Portable.
Where can I purchase one on line or other?

Walid Saad

Do you have ribbons for the Remington Porta-Rite typewriters?

Walid Saad

Thank you for your careful research and clear lists.

Walid Saad

Can you get ribbons for Olympia international reporter. I could not find it. Thank you

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