BUNDLE OFFER: 3x Group 1 or GR1 Typewriter Ribbons & One Typewriter Pad


Bundle offer for our clients. 

You will get:

1- Typewriter Pad (Separately sold for 24.99£)

2- 3 GR1 Ribbons. Or Group 1 typewriter Ribbons. (£11.99 is original cost on our website. 


This is a genuine Typewriter pad made of high-quality wool felt material.

It will prevent movement of the typewriter on your desk or table and skidding in general.

Size is 33cm x 34cm x 1.3cm thickness. 

Perfect for heavy desk typewriters or portable typewriter to avoid any damage to desk or table surface while typing, it will also help in reducing the noise. 

 Important note: NO Typewriters included in the sale and if any is used, it is for demonstration purposes only.