1909 Vintage Royal Bar-Lock No 14 Typewriter - Restored & Working

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This Royal Bar Lock was Collected After Driving 160 Miles through out the UK. Passed to us from a Gentleman who wanted it to go to the right hands. Item was in Rough Condition and in non Working order.

After a 2 Month long project, we did a deep clean and fully revived this beauty to return to Working order for Occasional typing for sure and to serve as a unique display for sure.

Bell Dings,
Carriage Promptly Moves,
Line Spacing Works on the 1 Line,
Newly Revived platen,
Newly added Paper Feeder,
Newly Polished,
Key Slugs heads cleaned with age signs on them and some rust,
Newly Fitted Ribbon,
Each Key individually cleaned to return to a clean condition.
Mentioning all of these before full description as it was a long journey to reach to this condition.

Royal Bar Lock No 14 Typewriter
Newly Restored.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Fully revived and Serviced.
· Newly Covered Platen
· Looks Great and Works fine
· All Keys Strike and Clear
. All Keys are Cleaned to look great with no missing ones.

Age Signs will appear every where specially on the paint that has scratches and bumps.
All Keys are cleaned but they still have Minor age signs
Key Slugs have age signs and minor rusting.
Overall, it was polished to look better.
Rubber Feet are fine.

We managed to return this item to Working Condition.
As mentioned above, all major Operation flawlessly operates.
Line Spacing works on 1 Space while we did not heavily test it for double spacing.
the Bells Loudly dings..
Carriage Smooth and the paper feeders grip like a Bull Dog.
Back Space, Carriage Release & paper Bail also Works fine.
TAB Key is not Working.
This item Works and Types like you have seen on the test page but best used for Occasional typing and for Display purposes.

New Ribbon Fitted on original Bar Lock Spools.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Two Set of Keys, Caps and Lower Case with all signs as Each key strikes one Character only.

Finally, Amazing Condition for age and work done on it.

Thank you.