Adler Tippa S Typewriter

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Adler Tippa Typewriter 

One Super Smooth typewriter.. 

Why buy this Typewriter?

1- Has too much life in it.

2-  Professionally checked & serviced

3- Clear Typeface 

4-  Large Congress Typeface.

5 - ultra flat

Typeface & Font( If Special)

Large Congress Typeface.


Dark Brown & off White Keys. 


Plastic & Metal Combination. 


Excellent  cosmetic condition. 

Deeply cleaned for a Better performance. 

Deep inside its professionally cleaned. 

Minor Rusty edge on the back.

Appreciate taking a deep look at all pictures and zoom in so you evaluate the condition.


ONE SMOOTH Typewriter....

Like all our typewriters, it was fully checked and it operates in very good condition

Key strokes are smooth with superb response due to it being excellently serviced to serve you for the coming years. 

Should be always on the RED colour Selector as the Black selection will tend occasionally to not fully print the Upper case letters. 


Original Carrying Case/lid.

Very Good condition 

Minor age sign on the bottom (Pictured)

Can be easily held from handle.


New Black  Ribbon Fitted. Your typewriter is ready to use from Hello.

Only types with one colour.. on Red Colour Selector.


Qwerty Keyboard

Large Congress Typeface. 

Thank you