Baby Empire Typewriter

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Collectors piece as this Baby Empire cannot be any better. We have many but not many survived. 

Serial 137XX from 1938. 

This is the pre-war model that did not have red Backspace (it is Black) , No Shift lock, No margin release, and a bell that dings at the end of the line in a special way that is not so loud. No long arm for line spacing but it is the old fashioned pinch line spacing. 

Mechanical condition:

Professionally restored to perfect working order.

Smooth and ready to type on while i Wont recommend thought for heavy typing. 

New & fresh Black Ribbon Fitted on original metal spools. 

Platen has usage marks, did not revive to keep its history in it. 

Cosmetic condition:

Like all our typewriters, it was genuinely checked & made ready for a perfect typing experience. 

We never had such a well preserved paint finish. 

New Rubber feet fitted. 

All original screws there with original lid that is in perfect condition with two clips working on two sides. Minor age signs on the metal. Nice original leather handle. Clips are slightly loose but they will do the job to hold it tight. 

Nice clean keys. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

PICA Typeface

10 pts per the inch.