Bijou Typewriter with Petite Gothic Typeface

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Bijou Model 5 Typewriter with Petite Gothic Typeface and Special Characters. 


Professionally Restored, Rejuvenated and Rescued from Previous Owners. 

Yes, This item was abandoned for Years and arrived to us in bad condition. 

We did a Deep Job on it After replacing the Paper Feeders, new Rubber layer on the Platen (Black Roller). On the one hand, it was newly Polished.

Unfortunately it doesn't have a case. 

Surprisingly Smooth to Type on and Looks Great. 

Serial 153XXX

Made in 1932


Black Gloss




 good cosmetic Condition. 

Deeply cleaned. 

glass topped  Keys. 

Age and usage signs on the Corners and paint is lost on one side. 


Nothing Stopping you from long hours of typing. 

Every single aspect is Smooth. 


New Black & Red  Ribbon Fitted On original Group 1  Spools

Types in Both Colours

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Petite Gothic Typeface.  14 pts per inch. 

 with Special Characters that we suspect are related to Astrology. 

Thank you.