Brother Deluxe 660TR Correction Typewriter

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Brother Deluxe Correction Typewriter  

We Sell Brother Deluxe Typewriters on a Monthly basis as it is one of the most wanted typewriters and its attractive to the Eyes. 

 We made sure every single aspect is not less than perfect, cosmetically or mechanically. 

One of a Kind Version of the Brother Deluxe as yo rare seen any with the correction key. 

Why Buy this Typewriter? 

  • Perfect working Order
  • Professionally Checked & Serviced 
  • Deeply Cleaned for a perfect experience.


White and Black Frame


Plastic and   Metal Combination


Excellent Condition as it was deeply cleaned. 

Clean and polished keys. 


 Just Perfect, will not add Any Other Words. 

Note: Using the Correction key Requires Either an original Correction Ribbon which we do not recommend as it leaves a lot of Left overs or usage of Small Correction sides that can by typed above and leave a White Mark ( still found on a couple of eBay listings)


 Excellent lid

Outside there is Minor  age signs .


 Black  ribbon newly installed for direct usage. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

 QWERTY with Elite  Typeface (12 pts per inch)


Other wise, Donot ever worry with us and Buy It Now :) 

Thank you