Chrome plated Hermes Baby Rocket Typewriter

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Hermes Baby Typewriter (Chrome plated) - Not Only Paint Stripped

This typewriter arrived to us in Miserable condition and frame deserved to be plated to give it a new life. slightly discounted  due to un responsiveness of the frame to the plating process leaving some marks as pictured. 

Mechanically Excellent. 


     The Green Keys with newly plated Frame in Chrome

    Space bar and the platen cover are paint stripped. 




    Restored condition as it was deeply cleaned from age signs.

    Bottom and lid are repainted in matching Sea foam green. and has minor usage signs.

    new rubber feet are fitted. 

    Chrome plating process wasn't 100% perfect as the frame did not respond well to the plating process. 

    Space bar and platen cover had all paint removed to bare metal, 

    There is a small hole in the frame left side. pictured. 

     Will appreciate taking a look at all pictures.  


    Like all our Typewriters, It was perfectly Restored.

    Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing on the Smoothest Typewriters to Type on ever.  


    Original lid will be supplied. Repainted green colour and in excellent condition. 

    Normally Clips  & handle has a small missing part, pictured. 


    New purple Ribbon Fitted. 

     Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

    QWERTY Keyboard

    Nice Clean Green Keys that we individually cleaned  

    Clear elite typeface. 12 pts/Inch. 


     Thank you