Perfect Type Correction white paper Sheets for typewriters


Correction Papers or Sheets

  1. For fast and easy correction of typing errors
  2. For airmail paper plus carbon copies (aero)

You will get 2 Booklets: 

1- New (Contains 32x  1" Sheets + 8 x 2" Sheets) = total 40 Sheets. 

2- Not Full but New ( Contains 27 x  1" Sheets ) = 27 Sheets


Total 67 white Paper Sheets. 

Used correcting your typing mistakes .

how To use:

backspace on your typewriter , place a white correction strip over the mistake and re type it to white it out.

can be used until the slide is fully printed on. 

This is Collectable as they are not sold anymore and not manufactured at all. 

Personally kept in my personal collection without using.