Early Royal 10 Typewriter

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Early version of the Royal 10 with pin-striping  golden lines on the sides and Serial from 1915 - X-217XXX

Most common Royal 10s do not have any golden pin stripping to the sides plus this metal cover panel on the back. On the one hand, Decals are wonderful for its age. 

Professionally restored to working condition and a much better state from what it was.

106 Years and now working normally with a new Ribbon fitted. 

Types in Red and Black. 

Nice glass topped keys with three blurred keys that we couldn't replace due to extremely tight rings. 

PICA typeface with 10pts/Inch. 

Smooth typing with a nice Dinging bell at the end of your line. 

Two Glass panels on the sides to show mechanism. 

Cosmetically, for its age it is in great condition. 

Age signs will show on metal mechanism

Age signs and scratches on the main frame specially on the back and sides with this goldfish residue. 

Rust on some parts and worn paint on metal parts on the carriage. 



Belonged to a lady who passed away 6 years ago from village in the Stafford area. As per her daughter, Family had it from new and was typed on through out the years. She used to type all her journals, notes, and cooking recipes on this typewriter. 

I personally collected from her house and picked it up from the desk it was on for the last 100 years at least inside this family house.