Erika 105 Typewriter with Extremely Rare "Venezia" Typeface by Axel Bertram

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VENEZIA typeface. One of the rarest typefaces & unique designs ever made. Not easy to find at all and not many still available . 

The typeface is described as script in italic grace

Venezia is one of three designs that the commercial artist, illustrator and typographer Axel Bertram developed from 1976-1979 for the Erika 105  typewriter.

As per online resources, The typewriter typeface is based on the classical italic typefaces of the Italian Renaissance, in particular the fonts created by Francesco Griffo around 1500 for the Venetian publisher Aldus Manutius. The uniform letter width of the travel typewriter required some intervention in the typeface appearance: “All letters”, said Betram, “have to be made to have the same width, which is fundamentally contrary to the anatomy of the Latin script.”

Mechanical condition:

Professionally serviced and checked to return to working order.

Smooth and ready to type for long hours. 

New & fresh black./red Ribbon Fitted. 

Excellent dinging bell. 

Cosmetic condition:

Uncommon and Rare original Mustard Yellow frame. 

Like all our typewriters, it was genuinely cleaned  & serviced.

Excellent cosmetic condition with Minor surface marks, 

Comes with Original lid & base & all original manuals in German. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTZ Keyboard

VENEZIA Typeface 

10 pts per the inch.