IDEAL Model D Typewriter - Rare Fraktur Typeface

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The one and only Fraktur typeface that is not easily found on Typewriters. 

This is a collectors favourite typewriter due to its rare and unusual typeface. 

This is IDEAL Model D Typewriter that was made and designed in Germany in 1935 as the Serial 556478 . 

Price includes delivery any where around the world and A new typewriter pad. 

Fraktur is sought after by Typewriter collectors and calligraphy enthusiasts due to its special design that has a lot of cuts and curves and on the same side, Fraktur has a lot of history and many articles talk about its start, usage through out the Years, who used it, and how many other typefaces emerged from it. 

Typewriter is in full working order now and was professionally restored. 

Minor age signs on the main frame but nothing major. 

Excellent decals and chrome in wow condition. 

Nicely typing with a clear and loud dinging bell. 

Letter Y, when stroked, it occasionally hits the space bar but doesn't affect typing on it or cause any errors and will avoid any dents at this stage. 

Thank you.