Imperial Good Companion model T typewriter

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Imperial Good Companion Model T Typewriter - The Glossy Paint version. 

Serial 2K 215 from 1940

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Serviced
· fully dismantled for a deep clean
· Excellent Performance and clear Typing in Black 
· Pica Typeface (10 pts per inch)
. Excellent Glossy Paint. 

. Rare MATH Keys. 




Extra Clean and in Excellent Cosmetic condition. 

Decals are in Excellent condition. We never had anything like this before as the Decals are in original Golden finish and not fading. usually they fade to Silver Colour. 

Minor Age Signs On Paint specially on the edges of the lid. (pictured)

Chrome finish was professionally cleaned.

Will appreciate zooming the pictures for a better evaluation. 


Like all our Typewriters, It is perfectly checked and serviced for a perfect typing experience. 

Nothing Stopping your from Heavy Typing.

Platen has usage signs. slightly harder than usual. 


Original Lid and base
excellent condition with normal age signs on the outer cover. 

Minor age signs all over. specifically on the outside. 
Base should be always Kept under the Typewriter as it is connected to it. 
Very good original  Handle 

Locks with No Original Key

New Black Ribbon will be Fitted on Original Good Companion Spools before dispatch.

Will recommend only using One colour on this typewriter

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
Pica Typeface ( 10 pts per inch)
QWERTY Keyboard 
MATH keys, Pi, Degree, Square Root and others. 

 Thank you