Imperial Good Companion model T typewriter

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Serial 2H XXX from 1939

Rare and Uncommon War Finish typewriter. Black Keys and Rings. 

Black Key Rings & were specially prepared for it previous owner with minimal shinny parts and with rare and uncommon Chemistry keys plus he asked for the shinny chrome carriage return lever to be taken out so its not spotted in the dark. 

Previous owner, as per his son, who passed the typewriter to us, worked as a researcher, chemist and serviced the British Army during the WW2 and this typewriter was heavily used till the mid 50s in his work and research. 

He asked for Chemistry Symbols to be added like the Harpoon and arrow plus the numbers 2 to 6 to be typed under the letters. as in test page.

We have been asked to sensibly restorer and avoid replacing any parts. 

Mechanical condition:

Professionally restored to working order but it is sold as a Display machine for occasional typing only as it doesn't have a return lever and you can only get a new line using the right or left knob as the original owner used it.  

New & fresh Black Ribbon Fitted

Cosmetic condition:

it was sensibly restored to keep its original charm and history. 

There are age marks on the main frame and the base is damaged on sides from age and usage.

Rings are black with fading of paint on them 

age signs on the inside. 

Decals are fading. 

Comes with Original lid and base that should has age signs and doesn't hold the typewriter. so it covers it but doesn't lock or clip.  

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

Rare and Very uncommon Chemistry symbols and keys. .

elite typeface,.