Imperial Model D Green Typewriter

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Imperial Portable Model D Typewriter

Professionally Restored.

This Amazing machine is Manufactured in 1923 under the Serial X63XXX

Its one of the Imperial Machines that we Had for a While and loved to give it a lot of time to Restore an return to this stunning Condition.

What makes it Important is the fact that we have been able to restore it back from Dusty, Greasy, and Non Working order to Perfectly working Order & Gorgeously looking Machine.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally restored and in Our own way as we take it all out. ( See Pictures)
· Working Order
· Still has the Decals in their Excellent Condition.
. Excellent Chrome

. Uncommon Green Colour 

Green Colour. 

Deeply cleaned to look good.
We fully Dismantle the Typewriter for a deep clean
Typewriter have age and usage signs all over.

Decals faded on the front but fine on all other sides. 
minor Paint Imperfections on some parts and scratches on the corners. 
Age Sign on the Keys, showing Minor Discolouration.
Appreciate zooming all pictures for better evaluation of its cosmetic condition.

Noting Stopping you from typing on this machine.
Dinging Bell.
Types on Both Colours.
Perfect Alignment and Clear PICA Typeface.

Black & Red Ribbon fitted on Original Imperial Metal Spools.

Lid and Base:

Original lid and base

good condition with age signs on them. 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
Clear Prints.

Thank you.