Olympia Splendid 99 Light baby Blue Typewriter

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Olympia Splendid 99 Typewriter

Light Blue Version and Retro Case

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Serviced
· Light Weight
Light Blue is Rare to find in a Good Condition

Light Blue
& Off White Keys


Deeply Cleaned Typewriter.
Item has minor Scratches on back and lid but nearly unseen.
Keys are Off white in this Model and they are not Yellowed with a small mark on the space bar.
The knobs are White and newly fitted.
Appreciate taking a deep look at the pictures to evaluate.

The Typewriter was professionally serviced
Nothing Stopping you from Heavy typing.
One Important note that his Typewriter will only Type Only Black as Red Types but the vibrator will hide the Letters under the Ribbon.

Original Olympia Splendid 99
Age signs on the inside and outside and Specially a minor Discolouration on the outside front side.
The Case has been refurbished using a special Felt we used to strengthen it.

New LIGHT Black Ribbon Fitted. My inventory has only light Black Colour.

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
PICA Typeface, 10 Pts per Inch.

Thank you