Rare Turkish AIERTY layout on a Princess 100 Typewriter

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This typewriter was in extremely bad condition, nearly looking like Scrap Metal but the previous owner (Collector) confirmed that it is one of most important typewriters in his collection,  as this Layout was used in Turkey for a very short while before 1960s when the Turkish Government decided to come with a Brand new layout based on Rigorous tests, hand muscle X-rays and some extensive research that depended on the Distribution of the Letters and how often they are used.       

The FGGIO Layout became standard in Turkey after only a short time of using the AIERTY Keyboard. As per the Hungarian Collector, it was less than 2 years.

According to our knowledge, no other language uses these special characters (Ç, Ş, Ğ, Ü, Ö) and no one heard of this Layout before and many did not know it existed.

Typewriter was fully rejuvenated as it was a very long project that took a while to finish as we had to take out the Carriage and repaint the carriage lower cover, fix the bell, repaint the lid that was disastrous (rusty and paint all went off) and only its bad condition led us to re paint it.

The whole aim was to preserve this Princess with this special layout to get back to find condition.

We will be Adding any other information when ready about this scarce Typewriter.