Remington Home Portable Typewriter

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Serial ES-229XXX from 1937

This is a Stripped version of portable Remington as it was made with No Bell, No right margin  and No Margin Release. all done for economic condition before the WW2.

Mechanical condition:

Professionally restored to working order.

Will not recommend for a fast typist and only for someone who types slowly or keys will occasionally overlap if typed fast. Thus, the price. 

Occasionally, when using Upper case, the vibrator will be stuck but will go down when you move back to lower case. 

Smooth typing though. 

New & fresh Black Ribbon Fitted on Original Remington Metal Spools 

Cosmetic condition:

Like all our typewriters, it was genuinely restored & serviced.

there are  marks and scratches on the sides due to age. 

Decals are slightly faded and word HOME is all faded. 

Comes with Original lid. Have age signs and scratches on it.  original handle that has age signs 

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:

QWERTY Keyboard

PICA Typeface

10 pts per the inch.