Remington Noiseless Model 1 Typewriter

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Remington Noiseless MODEL 1 Typewriter
Excellent Reconditioned Machine. 
This is Noiseless portable by Remington and Underwood was known for its Low Volume Typing as it is much less Noisy than any other typewriter specially when it is well serviced and platen not heavily used. 
Serial PD 181088 from 1940
Model 1 with this serial had the touch control and TAB
Why Buy this Typewriter? 
· Professionally Serviced
· Excellent cosmetic condition.
· Perfect Performance. 
· Newly Polished
. Clear Typeface. 
. PICA Typeface 
. TAB ( 5 tab stoppers in it) & Touch Control.
Black Glossy
Excellent cosmetic Condition. 
Deeply cleaned. Look at the Second pictures as we professionally service typewriters. 
Clean and Bright Keys.  with minor fading of paint on some key rings. 
Newly polished. 
very good decals
Good Rubber feet.
One big scratch on the right front. 
Made for Heavy Noiseless Typing. 
Its perfect for Gentle Typists as it doesn't need a lot of power to push the Carriage or strike the keys. 
Nothing Stopping you from long hours of typing. 
Every single aspect of the item was checked and it will outperform Many machines
What we love About the Noiseless Typewriter by Remington or Underwood is the low volume typing it will be delivering which will be perfect in Small Offices, Coffee Shops, even Libraries, and best of all, Night Typing, as many will use this at night as it is much less noisy than any other typewriter. 
Original carrying case. 
has  age signs and Scratches . 
Original Handle still used. 
Locks with No Key
Outer case has and and usage signs and Scratches. 
New Black Ribbon Fitted On original Remington Rings. This typewriter's Ribbon needs to be spooled. 
Red colour selector Doesn't work when spooled as it will leave black Colour occasionally. 
Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
PICA Typeface. 10 pts per inch. 
Clear Prints. 
Thank you.