Remington Quiet Riter Miracle TAB Typewriter in Off White

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Remington Quiet Riter Typewriter
Miracle TAB

Last Month We Prepared a Special Remington Miracle TAB for a Special Vintage Cars Museum (Under Construction) in Warwick in Which the Owner & Creator of this Racing Cars Company have used the Same model in writing all his Scripts and Ideas.

Thus, after working with this Typing Machine, We Decided to prepare one for our Clients and we wished to start with a Special one and here it is

An Uncommon Off White Remington Quite Riter that is in Pristine Condition and Immaculate Working Order.

Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Professionally Serviced
· Excellent cosmetic condition
· Perfect Performance.
· Rare or Uncommon off White Colour as they usually come in Dark Green or Light Beige Matte Finish
. Clear Typeface.

Uncommon and Rare Off White & Glossy Finish
You can Find this Model in Beige, Dark Green and nearly all in Matte Finish.


Excellent cosmetic Condition.
Deeply cleaned.
Minor marks on the Back due to the Case Built as it leaves Red marks on Corners.
If any, Scratches and age signs are minimal.
Minor Discolouration on top of the lid due to usage and hands put on it since 1950s.

Made for Heavy Typing.
Nothing Stopping you from long hours of typing.
Every single aspect of the item was checked and it will outperform Many machines

Original Carrying case
Red from Inside with age and usage signs as Pictured.
Outer case has yellowing due to age.

New Black and Red Ribbon Fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard
Elite Typeface.
Clear Prints.

Thank you.