Imperial Litton Safari Typewriter

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Imperial Safari Typewriter


Why Buy this Typewriter?
· Deeply cleaned

. Nearly not used. 
· Perfect Performance
· Has too much life in it.

Two Tones of Blue  and off White. 

Combination of Metal and Solid Plastic.

Excellent condition as it was fully cleaned and nearly not used. 

scratches can be seen on the back corner of the carriage. 

couple of keys have scratches marks., 
Appreciate Zooming the Pictures to Evaluate the condition.

Like all our Typewriters, it was fully checked and serviced for a perfect typing experience.

You will be amazed on how nice typing on it as keys strongly return when typing and you can tell difference when changing tension level. 

Original case
Unfortunately the handle is broken. 


New Black and Red Ribbon Fitted

Keyboard & Font/Typeface:
QWERTY Keyboard with EliteTypeface.
12 pts per inch.